Next Generation Silicone Rubber Insulators

Market Analysis, Product Design, & High Voltage Testing

By: Rajkumar Padmawar, Kavin Darshan Sakthi Bhuvan, Dennis Hore

The following program contains topics discussed in a lecture conducted by Rajkumar Padmawar regarding environmental factors causing erosion and loss of hydrophobicity in silicone rubber insulators.

Market Analysis: Increase in investments within Distribution Systems within Europe and the United States from 2021/2022

Product Design: Industry problems & ASAsoft™ solutions & ways to enhance product value

High Voltage Testing: Tracking Wheel (ASAInsuTrack707+™), thermal imaging during testing processes

In the link below, Rajkumar shares further details of environmental factors such as heat, moisture, UV, pollution, and electrical stress.

For the full 20-minute lecture, click here.

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