Social Responsibility

Our Role as a Company

As with all organizations, ASAsoft™ Consulting has a global footprint. However, unlike many in the industry, we understand, acknowledge, and bear the responsibility of this and instead strive towards excellence in corporate citizenship and social responsibility.

We here at ASAsoft™ have set ourselves a high bar with firm corporate values. This includes believing in and supporting the three Ps: People, Planet, and Profit. Our team goes beyond the legislation and regulations in order to “get things right”, meaning we commit ourselves to social responsibility, to the environment, and to ethical behavior and business practices.

Our Social Responsibility

Health and safety considerations affect our search for raw materials for our products, potential suppliers, labour practices, and manufacturing processes for our cutting-edge composite insulators and transformers.

We endorse family-friendly policies and provide educational scholarships to those in countries where we operate. Our long-running “ASA Education Fund” works to develop local talent pools and provide general industry education. 

ASAsoft™ supports community investment, development, and corporate philanthropy by providing financial aid to not-for-profit community organizations. Said donations are in the areas of schooling, industry-specific education, food security, child poverty, and housing.

Our Pledge to You

We pledge to independently track and update progress and well-defined objectives to measure progress and social responsibility.

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