About Us

ASAsoft™ (Canada) Inc.

ASAsoft™ (Canada) Inc. was incorporated in 2013 with its headquarters in Victoria in beautiful British Columbia.

With Rajkumar Padmawar as its CEO and President, the company boasts of Canadian and overseas investors and has at its disposal some of the best technical talents in the world. ASAsoft™ (Canada) Inc. is taking its research and development to the next level while introducing its fully mature Ligh+weight™* insulators to its home, North America.


Rajkumar Padmawar is the founder of ASAsoft™ (Canada) Inc. Raj is a Swiss Precision Tool & Die Maker with a Business degree from the University of Wales, United Kingdom. The company began in 1997 as a high-tech engineering solution provider to blue chip companies in Japan, China, India, South Korea, Singapore, and Europe.

ASAsoft™ developed efficient systems for manufacturing fine ceramic products, including products that use cross-linked plastics with memory functions. During the last seven years, Raj has been strategizing information technology ‘needs vs wants’ for Canadian and American corporations. He has also been a solution provider to enhance end-of-life products from Cisco, Juniper, and IBM. He was a pioneer in developing clean, sustainable technologies for T&D insulators of the next generation.