Our Environmental Responsibility

ASAsoft™ and its team hold nothing more sacred than the rights of every living organism on planet Earth. Our environmental responsibility remains paramount through every step of our research, development, and manufacturing processes regarding polymer insulators.

ASAsoft™ dedicates itself to fostering energy conservation through our environmentally conscious initiatives. This includes evaluating, reducing, and reporting our product’s carbon footprint, utilizing effective water management, using a greener supply chain, enacting optimum recycling, and following proven waste management practices.

Support Sustainability With ASAsoft™ Canada Inc.

Our insulators have been proven to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the transformers we help develop lead to 99% less solid and liquid waste using Thermal Diffusion corrosion resistance to metal parts.

With over 10 years of research and development leading up to our first sale, we have refined our technologies and our ability to sustainably produce quality deliverables that benefit both your wallet and the planet.

Our “Energy-Efficient Impact” Promise

ASAsoft™ is and will continue to be open to dialogue on our commitment, collaboration, and vigilance of our environmental practices.

Reach out today to gain insights about our firm belief in the importance of environmental responsibility.

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