Pole Line Hardware

Here at ASAsoft Consulting, we proudly design and build composite insulators that meet high standards of both electrical and mechanical requirements for electricity distribution.

Part of our wide range of products is our expansive pole-line hardware catalogue, with Kortick being our primary hardware solutions provider.

As the pioneer pole line hardware manufacturer here on the Pacific Coast, Kortick has served in the pole line hardware industry since 1898. They pride themselves on the quality of their products, all of which are manufactured domestically to ensure unfaltering quality.

Like us here at ASAsoft Consulting, Kortick values:

  • Cost-competitive products
  • Fast delivery
  • Quality 
  • Sustainability

Our pole line hardware catalogue encompasses fasteners, standard bolts, miscellaneous bolts and screws, nuts, washers, shoulder eye bolts, attachments, transmission products, and so much more. Read through our pole line hardware catalogue in its entirety today to learn more.