Railway Insulators

Railway Insulators:

Railway traction network is one of the world’s largest transportation-based traction networks. More than 6,500 insulators are used in a network of 250km. The insulators deployed in these routes are prone to vandalism, pollution, and high level of traffic. It is a huge task to clean, install or replace the insulators. Silicone-based railway insulators are hydrophobic in nature and have self-cleaning properties. They do not require cleaning; thus, the regular operation of the trains doesn’t get affected. The lightweight nature of the insulators eases the process of installation and is resistant to vandalism. Since the end fittings used by ASAsoft™ are forged, the desired mechanical property is attained without having a huge impact on the molecular structure of the steel, thus provides a better lifetime than cast metal.   

Engineered to not simply meet, but to exceed, demands, our selection of railway insulators address every need for the electrification of railway lines.

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Railway insulators are a separate category from standard insulators due to their stringent performance and safety requirements. As such, ours surpass the standards for design, manufacturing, testing, and supplying.