Distribution Insulators

Designed to mechanically support power lines while simultaneously insulating surrounding objects, the distribution insulators manufactured by our team at ASAsoft™ consulting are top-quality.

Dead-End Distribution Insulators

Silicone 2.0 Ligh+weight Insulator

Dead-end distribution insulators are engineered to seamlessly support conducting cables in both tension and suspension with one side fixed to a cross arm, pole, or approved fixture.

Our dead-end distribution insulators tout:

  • Outstanding durability
  • Superior service life that trims the cost of ownership
  • Being precision-engineered to reduce transport, stocking, and installation expenses long-term
  • Proven performance, with over two million lightweight insulators field-tested across 19 countries


Station Post Distribution Insulators

Station Post Insulators 15kV, 28kV, and 35kV

Station post distribution insulators are commonly found in both power-handling equipment and substations. They fill the vital role of supporting electric cables and other relevant equipment, effectively isolating them from the ground.

Each of our station post distribution insulators touts:

  • Low carbon & sustainable
  • The option of hot-dip galvanization or ArmorGalv® Thermal Diffusion 3000hr 
  • Cost-effective corrosion protection