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Company Overview:

ASAsoft™ develops cutting-edge solutions for electricity transmission and distribution (T&D). Our products complement existing electric infrastructure for utility, railways, and metropolitan transportation. 

Traditional porcelain insulators are heavy, absorb moisture and develop hairline cracks. Our polymer insulators are lighter, more versatile, and much more sustainable. This is both better for the environment, and better for your bottom line.

Ligh+weight™ Insulators Benefits Include:

  • Four hermetic seals with a built-in Corona ring and higher Leakage distance for outstanding durability
  • Enhanced self-cleaning and hydrophobic properties at -80 °C (-112 °F)
  • Exceptional thermal mechanical exposure as per CSA and ANSI standards
  • Low carbon footprint with KASA ArmorGalv®; TDG Option: 3000hr Salt Fog Tested; Winner of EPA’S (NPPR) MVP2 Award (Most Valuable Pollution Prevention)
  • Over five million field-tested insulators in 19 countries

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What we do


ASAsoft™ uses only the latest technology to build advanced Polymer Insulators that match global quality standards. Our insulators are built using advanced injection molding technology thanks to the experience of our team. Learn more


At the ASAsoft™ Research and Development facility, we meet new challenges with innovative research and development. Our team brings to our customers only the best products, solutions, and recommendations. Learn more


ASAsoft™ serves as a one-stop shop for sustainable power utilities and sustainable products, all of which reduce power outages, conserve energy, and puts money back in your pockets. Learn more

Our Pledge to You

We independently measure progress and social responsibility against clearly-defined and regularly-updated goals.

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Rajkumar Padmawar is the founder of ASAsoft™ Canada Inc. Raj attended a five-year Swiss tool-and-die-making program and, to further his expertise, later attended a top business school in Switzerland. This has resulted in a high level of quality assurance ASAsoft™, reliability, client care, and focus on sustainability.

Who we are

Top-quality, cost-effectiveness, and quick delivery are our forte. When it comes to today’s electrical grid, sustainable technology remains a top priority. Why? To both slow and reverse the effects of climate change. We here at ASAsoft™, a Canadian company, are developing cutting-edge solutions for electricity transmission and distribution (T&D). ASAsoft™ manufactures products that complement the existing infrastructure for utility, railway, and metropolitan transportation companies.

Non-ceramic composite insulators ASAsoft™ are Ligh+weight™ Insulators that produce the lowest possible carbon footprint compared with traditional ceramic and glass insulators. The result? Substantial savings in transportation, storage, installation, and operating costs.

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