CEA’s Conversation Series: Characterization of Silicone Insulator Surfaces to Understand Resistance

Polymer insulators are gaining attention as attractive alternatives to traditional ceramic or glass designs on account of their prolonged resistance to water ingress, lightweight, and greener production footprint. However, comparably less is known about how polymer materials such as silicones react and adapt to environmental conditions including chemical stress from de-icing salts, electrical stress from service delivery, and biological stress such as algae adhesion. This presentation will introduce some of our latest silicone-based insulator products and present some research highlights from our ongoing materials characterization efforts.

Host: Faran Mirza, Manager, Corporate Partners Program and Sponsorships

Presenting Corporate Partner: ASAsoft™ (Canada) Inc.

Presenters: Rajkumar Padmawar, President and CEO, ASAsoft (Canada) Inc. Dennis Hore, Professor, Department of Chemistry, University of Victoria

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