Tram & Trolly Insulators

Silicone 2.0 Ligh+weight Insulator

Standard Series 70kN and XL Series 70+kN

Deadend/Suspension CAN_CSA-C411.5-10 & ANSI C29.13-2000 Class Polymer Insulators for Distribution Power lines

15kV Applications

  • Outstanding durability and superior service life trims total cost of ownership
  • Precision engineered to reduce transport, stocking and installation expenses
  • Proven performance with over two trillion lightweight insulators field tested in 19 countries

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Tram and Trolley bus – 

Tram and trolleybuses are one of the most successful city transportation methods, that run completely on electricity and are better than their gas-consuming counterparts – traditional buses. With the increasing environmental awareness, most of the cities in developing countries are striving to provide more tram and trolley bus services. This means that there will be lots more electrical wires running throughout the city. This calls for the need for insulators that are lightweight, have a good range of operating temperatures, great resistance to de-icing salts, and have self-cleaning properties to remove the pollutant particles deposited on them, and they should have superior mechanical strength and electrical insulation. ASAsoft™ insulators provide products that are superior to the industrial standard with enhanced self-cleaning and hydrophobic properties to de-icing salts up to -80°C. Moreover, the lightweight nature of the product provides great ease of installation and the forged metal fittings significantly improve the mechanical strength of the product. ASAsoft™ provides a wide range of insulators from the range of 10kV to 72kV with customizable options as per the customer’s requirement.