Amorphous Metal Core Distribution Transformer and

Cold Rolled Grain Oriented


Amorphous Core Distribution Transformer
Due to its unique molecular structure, amorphous metal cores are more readily magnetized and de-magnetized than CRGO. This results in significantly lower power loss than CRGO. Also, the amorphous steel has lower hysteresis and eddy current loss resulting in very low No load current, energy and less heat, when compared with conventional CRGO core transformers. Switching to AMDTs reduce CO2 emission and fossil fuel consumption.

CRGO steel has exceptionally high mechanical elasticity and magnetic properties in the rolling direction. These crystals are often arranged by cold rolling at room temperature to coordinate the direction of grain formation in a specific direction. Since the magnetic properties during cold rolling depend on individual micro-crystals and direction of growth orientation.

C.R.G.O (Cold Rolled Grain Oriented) core is used in transformers to reduce eddy current losses and increase corrosion resistance. It also contributes to a reduction in coercive force resulting in a decrease in the loss of reverse magnetization in transformers.

Medium Power & Distribution Transformers in partnership with {Toshiba Transmission & Distribution Systems} – India (“TTDI”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toshiba Corporation Japan

For more information on how to reduce distribution transformer technical losses: Amorphous Core Distribution Transformers

Efficient CRGO Core Distribution/Power Transformers


  • Single Phase Upto 3333 kVA
  • Three Phase Upto 16000 kVA

Cooling: ONAN, ONAF
Insulating Fluid: Mineral Oil
Primary Voltage: Upto 66000V

Completely Self-Protected Transformers

  • Higher Transformer Availability
  • More Reliable Services
  • Lower System Cost
  • Easier and Simpler Installation
  • Safer Operation


  • 1 Phase :
    • CRGO: Upto 167 kVA
    • AMT : Upto 167 kVA
  • 3 Phase :
    • CRGO:Upto 315 kVA
    • AMT : Upto 315 kVA

Cooling: ONAN
Insulating Fluid: Mineral Oil
Primary Voltage: Upto 11kV

Pad Mounted Transformers

  • Compact power center for industrial and commercial application
  • Safe, reliable and aesthetic
  • Robust quality

Ratings: 1 Phase :  CRGO:Upto 1000 kVA
                                AMT : Upto 167 kVA
               3 Phase : CRGO:Upto 1000 kVA
                                AMT : Upto 1000 kVA

Insulating Fluid: Mineral Oil / FR3

Primary Voltage: Upto 25kV

Solar Inverter Duty Transformer

Core: CRGO

Phase: 3

Primary Voltage: upto 33kV 


  • 3 winding: upto 10MVA
  • 5 Winding upto 20MVA

Compliance to International standards:

  • International Electro Technical Commission (IEC)
  • Indian Standards (IS)
  • British Standards (BS)
  • American National Standards of Institute (ANSI)
  • Canadian Standards (CSA)
  • Australian Standards (AS)
  • South Africa National Standards (SANS)
  • Brazilian Standards (ABNT NBR)

Compliance to Energy Efficiency Standards:

  • Japanese Top Runners Program
  • Australia – High Efficiency Performance Standards (HEPS)
  • Compliance to European Directives
  • Compliance to Canadian Standards – min efficiency values
  • European Directives (EN) : European Union have released new standards & directives to be followed by all the European utilities where the
  • losses are reduced drastically. The first set of losses to be followed from July 2015 onwards and second set (very low losses) from July 2021.
  • We are proud to announce that even now we can design & manufacture transformers with lower losses than 2021 losses specified by EU.
  • DOE Energy Conservation Program: Energy Conservation Standards for Distribution Transformers
DescriptionCore MaterialPhasePrimary VoltageRating
Medium & Small power Transformer CRGO 1Up to 66kVUp to 3333kV
3Up to 66kV Up to 31500kV
CRGO silicon steel Distribution Transformer CRGO 1 Up to 33kV Up to 167kV
3 Up to 33kV Up to 4000kV
Amorphous Metal Core Distribution Transformer Amorphous 1 Up to 33kV Up to 167kV
3 Up to 33kV Up to 2500kV
Elliptical Tank Distribution Transformer Amorphous / CRGO3 Up to 11kV Up to 25kV
Completely Self Protected Transformer  Amorphous / CRGO1 Up to 11kV Up to 167kV
3 Up to 11kV Up to 315kV
Pad Mounted TransformersCRGO1&3 Up to 25kV Up to 1000kV
Amorphous1 Up to 25kV Up to 167kV
3 Up to 25kV Up to 1000kV
Solar Inverter Duty Transformers CRGO 3 Up to 33kV 3 Windings : Up to 10kV
5 Windings : Up to 20kV