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Finalist for Innovation Excellence for Hardware

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Victoria Tech Community Awards Listing Event Date: December 8, 2022 Victoria, BC Globally, transmission energy losses are approximately 8% of the total power transmitted – equating to over 13,000 TWh. Reducing these losses…

VIATEC Awards 2019: Scale-Up of the Year Finalist 

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Award Summary: ASAsoft™ Consultants Co (proprietary company) developed the innovative medium-to-high voltage 1.0 Lightweight Insulator technologies and introduced them to South Asia resulting in stunning success. 

VIATEC Awards 2018: Innovative Excellence (Hardware)

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Interviewee: Rajkumar Padmawar, President & CEO When – and how – was your company born?ASAsoft Consultants Co, a proprietary company, developed the innovative and disruptive Medium to High Voltage Lightweight Insulator…