Surface Structural Characterization of Polymer Composite Insulators for Improved Weather Resistance

Award Summary: To date, testing of some materials such as silicone and EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubbers has been carried out, and some general findings exist, but it remains to be understood how the materials respond to weathering under their electrical load. In this project, a combination of surface-specific spectroscopy, microscopy, and macroscopic measurements of the hydrophobicity were carried out. The aim was to identify which materials perform the best under specific sets of chemical and physical conditions, and to be able to provide some molecular-level explanation for any observed degradation in material performance. At the same time, this project has provided many opportunities for training the next generation of scientists in advanced chemical structure and materials characterization methods. 

Type of Award: Natural Science and Engineering Research Council Collaborative Research and Development Grant.  


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