Social Responsibility

Our Company Role

ASAsoft (Canada) Inc (ASA) has a global footprint and with Globalization we understand and bear the responsibility for striving towards excellence in Corporate Citizenship.

ASA has set itself a high water mark, with a firm grounding into its corporate values.  We firmly believe and support the 3 Ps: People; Planet and Profit and going beyond the legislation and regulations to "get things right".

Under "people" we support our social responsibility; under "Planet" we are committed to the environment; and under "profits" we set ourselves a high bar of ethical behaviour and business practices.

We will independently measure progress against clearly defined goals. 

Our Social Responsibility - Our People

We believe in a "Better World" and being socially responsible is beneficial to the growth and well being of our company. Health and safety within our neighbourhood, the countries we do business in and especially our employees is of paramount importance. It affects the way we search for raw material for our product, who can become our suppliers; how we manufacture these products and ensure that we practice the highest standards in human rights, labour practices,

We expect our teams "to do the right thing" to earn our customer's trust and ensure every employee has access to education and continuous improvement programs that increase our product quality, consistency and reliability. We support "family friendly" practices and provide education scholarships in countries where we do business to develop local talent pool and enhance quality of life through access to education though our "ASA Education Fund".

We support community investment and development and corporate philanthropy.  We provide financial aid to not for profit and community organizations.  Our donations are in areas such as education; schools; food security; child poverty and housing.