ASAsoft Advantage

ASAsoft (Canada) Inc. is a world leader in manufacturing of Lightweight Insulators. We manufacture products that conform to world standards – CAN/CSA, ANSI, IEC and manufactured to ISO standards.

ASAsoft is a Canadian company with cost effective state of art technology; with a global presence currently offering products in over 17 countries; and stands out for exceptional service delivery.

Our products have a significant advantage over the archaic ceramic/glass insulators and are technically superior in every aspect than other silicon based insulator products in the market place.

Ceramic/Glass verses Ligh+weight Insulators (please change the colors to reflect out theme)

Factors Ceramic / Glass Ligh+Weight
Insulators Insulators
Weight heavier 70% to 90% less weight than Ceramic Insulators
Chemical resistance great excellent
Radio Frequency Interruptions Hair line cracks emit disruptive RF noise none
WIFI interference in public hotspots & homes Hair line cracks emit disruptive RF noise none
Resistance to breakage breakable unbreakable
Resistance to vandalism breakable unbreakable
Resistance to puncture puncturable not puncturable
Resistance to Tracking and Erosion low high
Contamination & Pollution highly affected performance not affected
Hydrophobicity non hydrophobic unique hydrophobic properties
Maintenance needs maintenance cleaning washing and greasing no maintenance is required
Self Cleaning properties aided by the glaze or Inclination on the insulator aided by hydrophobicity recovery characteristic
Power Arc Test mandatory Mandatory
Carbon footprint High lower transportation & easier recycling of replaced insulators