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For today’s electricity grid, environmentally friendly technology remains a top priority for reversing the effects of climate change.  ASAsoft, a Canadian company, is developing cutting-edge solutions for electricity transmission and distribution (T&D).  ASAsoft manufactures products that seamlessly complement the existing electric infrastructure for utility, railways, and metropolitan transportation companies.  ASAsoft's non-ceramic composite insulators are Ligh+weight™* Insulators that produce the lowest possible carbon footprint compared with traditional ceramic & glass insulators, leading to substantial savings in transportation, storage, installation, and operating costs. These Ligh+weight™* Insulators are a positive addition to any present and future clean renewable energy solutions.  It is important to emphasize that ASAsoft’s insulators do not come with a steep increase in cost, but rather compete with traditional technologies.

ASAsoft uses latest in technology to build Polymer Insulators that match global quality standards. Our insulators are build using advanced injection molding technology...
Research &
Backed by extensive in-house research, our Composite Insulators conform to world class standards in technology and in its application in power transmission...

Top quality, cost-effectiveness, and quick delivery are our forte.

Our high voltage Ligh+weight™* Insulators are manufactured to ISO9001 standards and tested in independent international laboratories in accordance with industry protocols such as CEA,CSA, ANSI and IEC.  Whether you are a utility distributing electricity to a substation or a home, or a railway or metropolitan transportation company powering a train or a bus, our Ligh+weight™* Insulators will provide resistance to vibration and shock, sustained hydrophobicity, and immunity to vandalism.  In addition, the insulator material has a self-cleaning property based on molecular migration, making it maintenance-free and less susceptible to outage.

Through the last decade, our focus has been on developing world class insulators. With its first launch in South Asia in the year 2002, ASAsoft’s technology has been successfully used in manufacturing over two million units ranging from 11kV to 400 + kV Ligh+weight™* Insulators for electric T&D and 25kV applications for railways as alternatives to traditional ceramic designs. The company has been successful in creating and leading this sector as a first-mover in the infrastructure-priority markets of South Asia. Our progressive technology is now being used in Argentina, Australia, Colombia, Congo, France, Germany, Ghana, India, Jordan, Libya, Kenya, Nigeria, Oman, South Africa, Uganda, United States of America (USA) and Zambia.



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About Us

Rajkumar Padmawar is the founder of ASAsoft Consulting.  Raj attended a five year tool and die making program (Swiss) and later attended a top business school in Switzerland. The company began in 1997 as a high tech engineering solution provider to blue chip companies in India, Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore and Europe.  ASAsoft developed efficient systems for manufacturing fine ceramic products, including products that use cross-linked plastics with memory functions. During the last seven years, Raj has been strategizing information technology ‘needs vs wants’ for Canadian and American corporations...